C.D. Hair Architecture is run by principle Architect Chris Hair. Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Florida A&M University. He also attended his senior year at The Washington Alexandria Consortium sponsored by Virgina Tech. and attended Florida Atlantic University where he received his Bachelor of Architecture degree. After graduation, Chris had the opportunity to be mentored by Jim Anstis while also working full time at Anderson Architecture and with Barry Donaldson at The Donaldson Group.  Over the past twenty three years, Chris has learned that the most valuable part of the design process is listening and gaining full understanding of the client’s vision before ever putting pen to paper. With that synergy, the design can go much further.  In 2012, Chris decided to embark on the new endeavor of starting his own firm CD Hair Architect. Having the ability to run his own firm allows Chris to implement his own philosophies into each project.

- Ethics are the cornerstone of our industry, always do what is right.
- Understand the importance of Intangibles
​- Make it easy for your clients to work with you​

Over the past 8 years Chris has continually grown the business and obtained licenses in 7 states to practice Architecture. Chris's son Carson Hair serves as a Project Architect and Draftsman for the company as well.  ​

Carson Hair​ - Project Architect

Cammy Hair​ - Drafting Associate

Chris Hair​ - Principle Architect

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